• FAQ's
  • Will it fit
    Our 6 wheel Grab Wagon is 2600mm wide (3200mm inc mirrors) 3700mm high and 8100mm long we usually say a minimum opening width of 3000mm is required for access.

    1) How much does your muck away service cost? As long as the muck is easily accessible it is a set charge per load we are a much cheaper and faster alternative to skip hire.

    2) How much can a grab truck carry? Our 6 wheel wagons carry 13 tons or 12 cubic yards.

    3) Where should I pile the muck? Anywhere that is easily accessible preferably where the wagon can pull alongside the pile but not where there are wires or anything else overhanging that could interfere with the crane.

    4) How heavy is the wagon ? Our 6 wheel wagon is 13 ton empty and 26 ton loaded.

    5) How far can the crane reach? Our crane can reach 6 meters (18ft)

    6) Can the crane be used over a fence or wall? Yes as long as the driver can see from the operating platform what he is loading.

    7) How long does it take to load the wagon? As long as the site is accessible it should take around 10-15 minutes to load.

    8) How tall is the wagon? The wagon is 12-6” high but an extra 6-6” is needed to use the crane.